Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was our first real day on Second Wind, and it was a great day! Our day started off with the “dock talk” from the Action Quest director Mike. Afterward, we headed back to our boats, and around 11:00, we kissed the land goodbye and started our journey. While we were getting to our next destination, the wind started picking up, so we all got ready to try our hand at sailing. It was a blast! A hop, skip, and a boat ride away, we arrived at our destination for the day, and we were all ready to do some diving. Marina gave us a quick crash course, and just like that, we were all in the water, ready to begin our descent. While we were underwater, Marina and Jess tested our basic skills, and of course, we all crushed it. Now we’re all out of the water, showered and ready to eat some Sloppy Joe’s. Today was an amazing day, and I can’t wait to have more like it.