Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first sailing day and our second day at camp. Our morning was spent in breakfast, trying to be awake, and preparing our stuff to go out from land. Before we left, we had a long (very long) talk from Mike, one of the directors. We left at about 11 am. I made my first moves as a captain on board. It was difficult at first, but it gets easier with practice and confidence. We navigated for about an hour. We stopped for lunch. After this, we made the swimming test. It wasn’t difficult at all. Right after our test, we had a quick rest. The divemaster guys went out to do some quick scuba. The rest of us stayed at the boat and went to the Caves. We did snorkel in there. It was very fun, and we had a nice time. We went back to the boat, and we had a classic sea bath. It’s not the most comfortable shower I’ve ever had, but it was great. We moved to the Bight where we are at this moment, making dinner and talking while I’m writing the blog. We had a great great great day, and it’s just the first one.