Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was the first “real” day of ActionQuest. We woke up early in the morning at West End. We started the day with ten shipmates, but a switch and a delayed flight brought two more crew on board throughout the day. Mike talked to us about the camp’s mission, hygiene, and safety for an hour in the morning. What really caught my attention was when Mike talked about how this isn’t a camp where our hand is held the entire time. He talked about how we can make our own decisions and how, through decision making, we can grow as people. At around twelve, we set sail and left West End. We sailed for two and a half to White Bay, Peter Island. Once we got there, we took a swim test, which consisted of 6 laps around the boat followed by 10 minutes of treading water. After the swim test, we assembled our gear and had our check out dive, where we reviewed some of the basic skills of diving. We then had an amazing Sloppy Joe dinner. Day 1 was really exciting, and we are all excited for more diving and adventures!