Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Yesterday was a long and hectic day of traveling for all of the students on Gemini, which made everyone extremely exhausted. This morning, after sleeping off the day before, we had our first breakfast which was cereal and fruit salad. After breakfast, all of the students in AQ gathered on the dock to have a meeting with the director to discuss what the next three weeks are going to consist of. When the meeting was over, we all met back on our boats to prepare for the first sail to Norman Island. Everyone did such a good job in contributing their help during the sail, and we made it to Norman Island with no problems. When we got here, we all couldn’t wait to get into the warm ocean water, so we jumped right in, even though we had to swim around the boat eight times as a swim test. Later on, a group of us went diving, while another group got to snorkel through caves and saw beautiful and colorful fish. Finally, we had dinner, which was delicious, Sloppy Joe’s and salad. After being anchored in the water at Norman Island, we quickly moved the boat to a different side of the island and anchored at the spot where we are going to sleep tonight. It was definitely an exciting but laid back day, and we are all looking forward to all of the awesome activities we will be doing for the remainder of this adventure!