Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day started early at 6 am today, as soon as light broke through most people woke up in anticipation of our first day here at ActionQuest. After a delicious and filling bowl of cereal, we were ready for the day to come. We started this wonderful day by a quite lengthy meeting with Mike, the program director. After about an hour or so of orientation, we prepared ourselves to set off and sail to Norman Island. Clouds spread across the sky and waves were choppy, but we managed to get to Norman Island. After our arrival, we geared ourselves up for our first snorkel! We swam and dove through three amazing caves and a range of corals teaming with wildlife. It was a wonderful experience to swim in the ocean for the first time since we arrived. We saw plenty of fish and a diversity of different coral. It has been an extraordinary day to start our voyage.