Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was definitely a great one! The day started off at about 7:30 when the chefs started taking out the bowls and bags of cereal. There were three choices that were all amazing. After we finished breakfast, we went to Mike’s (the director of AQ/Lifeworks) dock talk. We learned about hatches, cleanliness, and safety. He also talked to us about the different places we will be going on our three-week trip. He says that we should experience it to the fullest. That is what I plan to do. After we talked, we all departed from the docks. My boat was the last to leave. Since I was skipper for the day, I go to learn how to drive the cat! This was a really exciting experience. Skipper isn’t the only job on the job board. There are ones varying from engineer to chef. There are 13 jobs in total on a cat. We sailed for about 3 hours until we reached our destination. Our boat arrived at White Bay for our swim test and scuba test. For the test, we had to swim six laps around the boat and tread water for 10 minutes. Though the swim was fine, the tread was fairly challenging. Clearly, everyone passed. Then it was time for the dive test. The instructors gave us an amazing refresher on the types of drills we needed to know. It was comforting to know we were going to go over the important parts about diving because I haven’t dived in a full year. During the drills, all of the anxiety I had totally left me. And also clearly everyone passed. Soon after, we took saltwater showers, which was good to clean all the salt off ourselves. During dinner, the chefs made amazing Sloppy Joe’s, salads, and mashed potatoes. And finally, we all went to bed around 10.