Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The moment we were waiting for came at 11 am, we left the dock! Next step: Norman Island. We sailed to this beautiful place. It was windy; everyone enjoyed this first trip. This island is really wild. There are caves and beautiful blue water. And another important came, the first water jump! The water is warm and clean. Then we did a swim test. We have done eight laps of the boat, then ten minutes treading water. At three, we went to another boat to go snorkeling. We jumped in the water like ducks with our fins. Then we went into two caves, where some pirates have been before. Then it was time to take our shower, but the usual shower! Shower in the sea, washing our hair in the saltwater, then 30 seconds with the freshwater. At 5:30 we have moved to another place, which is also beautiful. We have eaten, and now I’m writing my day and remembering this amazing moment I’ve already passed!