Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we set sail for the first time! The morning began with breakfast and some preparation in the harbor before we embarked for Norman Island. Today was also the first day that we were given assignments for the day, so everyone was learning to run the ship as a team. Once we finally got tied to a mooring ball just off Norman Island, it was time for lunch. We had sandwiches and some delicious pasta salad that the chefs put together with leftover pasta from last night’s dinner. After we finished lunch, everyone hopped into the water for their swim tests. The swim test consisted of some laps around the boat, and some time treading water, and I was excited to see everyone pass. Following the swim test, the Vega group and Divemaster group split up. The Divemasters did some dive training by our boat while the other Vegas and I took a dinghy over to Ivan’s boat. Ivan led us as well as his crew on a snorkeling trip into the caves on Norman Island, where we saw stingrays, lobsters, crabs and tons of cool fish. From inside one of the caves, we could see the roots hanging from the ceiling that were from the trees above the cave. We are all now back onboard together, chatting about our awesome day and preparing dinner. Everyone is excited about dinner and a night of rest, and especially to wake up tomorrow for day two out on the water.