Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Last night’s downpour certainly left a plethora of tired sailors snoozing in the main cabin. A simple breakfast of milk and cereal was supplied, and soon after, we began our ActionQuest briefing, which consisted of rules as well as do’s and don’ts. Anchors aweigh. We took to the open sea and set sail for Virgin Gorda. We took a hiatus from the heat and sun by performing our swim tests (8 laps around the boat) in the crystal clear waters of Cooper Island. The visibility was 50 feet straight to the bottom. A few sea turtle encounters later, and we continued on our route to Virgin Gorda. Once we arrived in Virgin Gorda, a beautiful white sand beach spanned hundreds of feet and massive villas, and mansions speckled the mountains and shore. Sir Elton John’s vacation home happens to be right in front of our boat. Perhaps the best part of today, however, was being able to see coral quite clearly when you are 50 feet above it!