Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was great. Being the head of a huge boat was an exhilarating experience. Although the responsibility of controlling ten people as well as properly handling an expensive vessel was rather pressure filled, I found myself comfortable with my shipmates’ help. As a whole we are already very comfortable wih one another. I can honestly say that I trust each and every one of my fellow deckhands, not only as my peers, but as my friends. To sum up my experiences on this wonderful day: we left the dock at around eleven today. We headed out of the harbor, then raised our sails to a steady, calm breeze. Our sails were full and so were the smiles of each and every member of Astrid. After a couple hours of riding the wonderful winds, we reached our destination of the Caves at Norman Island. As soon as I plunged in the water the biodiversity was obvious. Marine life ws present all around. The underwater caves we encountered had apparently been places of secure placement for the treasure of pirates in the past centuries. The inside of the caves held geological significance, as they were created by underwater erosion and held many differing minerals. On return to the ship my shipmates and I agreed that the caves were an awesome experience. I can’t wait for more awesome action-packed adventures in the future!