Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We started our day off bright and early, waking up at six am. We had to get our dive gear and get checked in before we could leave the dock and go sailing for the first time. I was the skipper for today’s job, so I sailed the boat and kept it on track. Halfway through the sailing, a squall came through. Of course, this happened just after we brought out the bread for lunch. As it poured, we all covered our bread, keeping it from going soggy. Luckily the storm was over soon, and we all ate lunch and went on our way. Once arriving at the dive site, we had to do the swim test. We went for a long snorkel and then dropped our gear at the boat and had to tread water for ten minutes. We then gathered up our dive gear and started to get ready for the first dive of the trip. We all buddied up and went on our way. Once under we had to perform around seven skills. Some was taking off our mask, then flushing out the water. We did the same with our regulators. We then practiced buddy breathing and headed to the surface! Once back on the boat we drove to our resting spot for the night. There we took a shower, changed, and ate a dinner of Sloppy Joe’s, corn, and mashed potatoes. Now we will have our first advanced dive lesson and hang til bedtime. Looking forward to our next day here at ActionQuest!