Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

After a day of traveling, we woke up in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. We started our morning with breakfast. We had a choice of four different kinds of cereal and some apples. After that, we had a meeting with Mike, the program director. He gave us an overview of the session and told us most of the important things to know. Once the meeting was over students returned to their boats to prepare for leaving the dock. We sailed from 10 am to 3:30. It rained twice during the trip but was short-lived. Everybody had fun during the sail, and it was a great time to talk and bond with my crewmates. When we arrived at Savannah Bay, we had a swim test. This test consisted of six laps of the boat and ten minutes of treading water. Then we each jumped into the water and took showers. After showering, we had dinner with Mike. Dinner was Sloppy Joe’s, salad, corn, and mashed potatoes. Mike taught us a self-reflecting card game, and then we had dive talks. Today was great and a good bonding experience.