Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We all woke up before 7 am and ate cereal and melon for breakfast. Next, we met with Mike and recapped what will be expected of us. Once we were released, we waited until it was time for our boat to leave the dock. We sailed for a couple of hours until we were near the Caves at Norman Island, where we went cave snorkeling and skin diving. Before sailing, we learned the basics of sailing. Our skipper, Jake, taught us how to sail upwind through a technique called tacking. Once at our destination, still before snorkeling, we dined fine on some deli-style sandwiches, took a swim test, played some get-to-know-you games, and rode a dinghy to the diving boat (boat with all the diving gear/snorkels). After we were geared up and briefed, we began our swim to the cave. Before reaching the cave, we practiced ‘skin diving,’ or diving with only a snorkel and mask. The skin dives got us all comfortable with clearing water out of our snorkels without removing them from our mouths. I got sidetracked by the thousands of tiny fish in and around the cave. It looked like a carpet of scales below us, with the school scattering only directly below us. Not even two minutes into the swim, my cheek started to feel itchy, then my elbow, then my arm. Another man in the water told us they were tiny jellyfish. Back on the dive boat, we were all showing off our battle scars, which were on par with bug bites, before we used vinegar on them. Finally, we sailed to The Bight, took showers, and made Sloppy Joe’s.