Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our first day on the water! We all woke up very early after going to bed very late, which made the first segment of the morning a bit more difficult. After having breakfast, we all squeezed onto one portion of the dock in Tortola for an overview conversation of what ActionQuest expects from us. Once that was over we all went back to our boats to prepare to begin sailing. We all played cards for a bit before we left the dock. Finally, we set sail on our way to Norman Island. Since I was skipper today, I steered, and it felt awesome to have control over a 50ft sailboat. I also learned about other basics to sailing that we will all need to know to start to sail with less assistance next week. We then moored at Norman Island and completed our swim tests successfully. Next, we got our rashguards on and prepared for snorkeling. Izzy showed us some cool fish and other aquatic organisms. We got close to some barracudas! After that, we went back to our boat for showers and then went to our overnight spot. The chefs prepared sloppy joes and vegetarian ones for Alli, Devon, and I. After dinner George introduced us to the nightly squeeze where I asked the question “why did you come to ActionQuest/what do you hope to gain from this experience?” Now we’re all cleaning up, and I’m wondering what amazing sights we’ll see tomorrow.