Location: White Bay, Peter Island

After a wonderful night of bonding on the trampoline, I had to get up at the beautiful time of 6:00 am. Then we had a meeting with the director. We went to the market and stocked up on all the snacks a girl could want. Then we left port for the first time. Here we learned how to sail and tie knots. The breeze felt wonderful. We reached our first dive site around noon. Then we did our swim test; everyone passed. It was kind of fun because we bonded a lot as we swan after the boat. Then we got to do our first dive; it was awesome to get underwater again. I forgot how amazing the sensation of diving is. We did a couple of refresher drills and then got to chase fish. It was a lot of peoples favorite part, including mine. After we got back to the boat, we showed. I forgot how amazing it feels to be clean. It was a pretty cool day today, and I am really excited for the rest of the trip!!!