Location: White Bay, Peter Island

After an exciting first night full of talking and everyone getting to know each other and the British Virgin Islands, everyone woke up to the morning cd at 6 am sharp! We all contributed to the breakfast; cereal and fresh fruit, and the day began. Thankfully no storms occurred overnight, so the deck wasn’t too wet. After Distant Drums boated over to the port we all got off to explore the harbor, talk with others from the other boats and drink awesome smoothies and eat good snacks from some of the food places in town. Next, we got our introduction talk from Mike, and we just went over safety, then gave us an intro to the next three weeks. After that, we went sailing to our first destination, White Bay. We did our swim test after a diving briefing, and all hung out in the water swimming till the first dive of the session. In two groups, we went down and completed our basic skills with a diving coach to see where everyone was at. Showering after the dive was fun and everyone took pictures, jumped off the boat and swam around during showers. We all got dressed, took a nap on the bow, and then prepared and ate Sloppy Joe’s for dinner. We ended the night by going over to Love of my Life to hang out and talk with the other shipmates. It was a great first full day in paradise, and we all can’t wait for many more.