Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We started the day with a good breakfast of cereal. Then we had an inspirational speech from Director Mike. He gave us some good tips on how to have fun. Then we set sail for the Caves. Before we went in we did our swim test. It was hard but we all passed. Then we had some sandwiches. Then we played in the water and waited for our team to go snorkeling. Then we took two dinghies to another boat to get equipment. When we went to the caves there were a lot of cool fish and it was dark. Then we sailed over to an area around the rocks where we moored and took showers. Then we set up for dinner and had Sloppy Joe’s. After that, we all pitched in and cleaned up. We split into two groups. Some went to meet up with Lifeworks, and some had a dive lesson. Then we got ready for bed and laid and watched the stars.