Location: White Bay, Peter Island

Today was a really fun day. First, we got up at 6 am to take the swim test. After that, we had breakfast, which was cereal. Then we had a boat discussion about safety and the rules of the boat. After that, we had the dock talk by the Director, and it was very informative. After that, we took off and left the dock. We used the engine for a while, and during that time, we learned how to tie two knots. After that, we learned how to put up the sails. We were gliding through the water, and the feeling was fantastic.

While we had the sails up, we learned how to tack. We did that about 20 times, and it was really fun to be able to learn how to do that. When you tack, the jib goes wild until you have pulled the line in. When we got to the bay, we had a brief discussion on what we would be doing on our dive. Then we got our dive things and set up to go diving. When we were all ready, we took a huge stride from the boat to the water. We were finally in the water, yay! We waited for everyone to get to the bow of the boat, and when everyone got there, we went down into the ocean. The first skill we did was filled mask to get the water out. After that, we did the regulator recovery. The third skill was fin pivots to see your right buoyancy. Then we hovered in the water. While that was going on, we saw some fish. The last skill we did was the alternate air source ascent. Then we took salt water showers. Now we are hanging out listening to music.