Location: White Bay, Peter Island

We woke up this morning bright and early at six so that everyone unable to turn in all their emergency money, flight information, and cellphones could check in. After a simple yet delicious breakfast of cereal and fruit, the remaining “loves” passed their swimming test with flying colors! We all worked together to get our boat thoroughly prepped to set sail. As skipper of the boat, I helped out Sam in driving and eventually sailing the boat. Sam said he was impressed with how well I did after not sailing for a year, and I didn’t crash the boat, so we all considered the first sail to be an overall success. We buddy-paired off, briefed for our dive, and descended 20 feet to review some basics. Our instructors were equally as impressed with our dive skills as they were with the amount of fish we saw throughout the dive. We just had a delectable dinner of Sloppy Joe’s and are currently awaiting the rest of dive side so we can begin our first dive chat!