Location: Norman Island, BVI

We started off the morning, waking up to finish our last shift. Watch team 1 grabbed the mooring ball and got the dingy in the water. This was the last time we would have watch teams. Then some of us had some breakfast. The people that were awake cleaned the boat up while the others caught up on the sleep that they missed. The sleepyheads had breakfast after waking up to some nice music that Kris put on for them. We all got in our swimsuits and put on sunscreen and then swam to the Baths. The Baths consist of cool rock and caves that you can go through and jump off of. We all then went back to the boat and prepared to meet up with the rest of the ActionQuest fleet. On the way there, we had the beginners do the last part of their test, which was driving the boat and doing certain maneuvers that Kris asked them to do. Good news to hear that everyone passed their basic sail test. We then continued sailing. After picking up a mooring ball, we took our last and final saltwater shower. Well, just the kind when you jump off the back of the boat, get out, soap up, jump in again to get the soap out, and finish off with a nice rinse with the freshwater hose. After relaxing while the chefs cooked, we enjoyed our last meal on the water. After the last squeeze on the water, we had our last lifeworks forum. One of my personal favorites is the Cards that we write to each other. They are very special, and I love doing them. This forum is one that can brighten up your day. So what we do is we all get index cards and write all the good things about each person on the boat. We also write one to ourselves and one to the director Mike or Actionquest as a whole. The cards usually mean a lot to everyone, and we all keep them for a long time. I still have mine from last year. Overall the day was a lot of fun, and we are all sad to be leaving so soon.