Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was a special day. It was our last “normal” day of this trip and we were all very sad about it. We were sad but we were also very excited for another thing: the dive of the Rhone! We had been explained many stories about this ship that sank so much time ago and when we went down we weren’t deceived, it was an amazing dive! It was also our first dive as official Open Water divers so we were allowed to take our cameras. We saw this great boat with all the life that has built around it; all the fish (some really big and beautiful fish), all the coral, etc.  

After that we went to Salt Island, where the people that helped the ship used to live, and from where the Queen of England gets her salt!  We were able to see all the salt lakes, and we did a tour through the whole island. It was really hot so we were happy when we had some nice showers. After that we sailed to where we were the first night off the dock and it was really nice to remember how many things we’ve lived together since that day. We did a review of the whole trip remembering the best parts of it and it was a bit nostalgic. 
Afterwards the staff left to staff meeting so we had dinner alone. It was really fun, playing some good music and eating some nice food.
When the staff came back we did our evening activity together. We had to write a letter to every shipmate and staff member telling them the good things that they have. It was really difficult but also really interesting and I think it’s a great thing to do.