Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today our boat woke up on edge, waiting for another scenario. Annie and our chefs cooked an excellent breakfast of pancakes. Right as we all sat down to eat, we had a scenario popped onto us. We were sent into the water to rescue two unresponsive and non-breathing divers at the surface. We successfully completed the scenario and are now all officially rescue diver certified! This made our yummy pancake breakfast that much better. After breakfast, those of us who wanted to dive got to dive the Barge in GHP. There wasn’t much to see other than a barracuda but the dive was still really cool. Once back on the boat we pumped tanks and got ready for port. While waiting, an eagle ray decided to put on a show for us and jumped out of the water around our boat a couple of times. We then picked up anchor and went to Road Town where we got two hours of shore time to eat lunch, grab gelatto, hit the grocery store and hang out with our friends from other boats. Once our shore time was over, the four dive cats had a race to Norman Island. Our boat got decked out in costumes and black PFDs. We were in second place to Second Wind until we rounded the first ball. Then our awesome sailing made us win the race! We dropped anchor in Norman Island for our last night on the water. We will eat a dinner of cheddar broccoli pasta and then write our cards to one another. It’s crazy that this trip has flown by so fast and how close we have all grown. I don’t think any of us are ready to come home.