Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today, after waking up while the pancakes were coking, cries for help came from the water, and a rescue scenario started. Since Ella and Kelly were the only ones who got in the water, they were the first to get their rescue certifications. After breakfast, Ella and Kelly were the victims in the next scenario where the rest of the rescues got certified. Then the rescues and Juan dived the Rhone anchor while the rest of the Dolphins went turtle tagging. Everyone then returned to our boat, and we motored to Road Town for lunch. After lunch, we had our race. After a good start, we suddenly went through a squall. The rain started pouring down, the wind picked up, and we couldn’t see anything. The race was called off as we got into the heart of the squall. It all cleared up after around 15 minutes, and we sailed over to The Bight on Norman Island. We showered, had dinner, and are now preparing for the closing program.