Location: The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

Today began with a great breakfast and we quickly prepared to start our sailing practical test. The first person on the helm was Robert. Each basic sailor had to sail in a complete circle by themselves, commanding the other people to maintain the sails. It was really fun and we all participated in this drill. Afterwards we sailed to Roadtown where we ate lunch and met up with a few other ActionQuest boats. Lunch was good, but then we had to hustle back to the boat to get to the caves to snorkel. After the hour long sail we got a mooring ball and dove in to snorkel. We snorkeled along the coast and went in and out of caves as we moved along. There were many colorful fish that were playing around under water. After the snorkeling we went to the bay next door and settled for the night. Nick and Gwen left the boat for a meeting and we prepared and ate dinner all by ourselves. After dinner we did an activity where we all wrote something nice about everyone. This is to bring home the experience and you will always remember what these people though of you. It was incredibly meaningful to do because it brings back all the amazing memories I’ve made. Today was a spectacular day that tied together our whole ActionQuest experience.