Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We started the day with a light sprinkling of rain, which was a perfect way to wake up. After eating the last of the oatmeal and cereal, Astrid was ready to begin the day. Jack and I attended a skipper’s meeting on Pelican Pat, where we studied the chart. After a short debate over the length of the last race, it was decided we would go past Road Town and finish at Peter Island. We started the race farthest downwind. However, we were not disheartened by this disadvantage. Beginning the race in last place still never fazed us, we always remained positive. There was little wind, but the race managed to remain an active one. Tactically overtaking Laurasia towards the end of the race boosted us to 8th place, which raised our spirits massively. We’ve started to clean, and we won’t stop until the boat is spotless. We are all excited to end the day with the final BBQ.