Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning Anna let us sleep in until 8 am. We then had an amazing breakfast of blueberry and plain pancakes cooked by Max and Jared. Then we all got the last opportunity to go waterskiing/wakeboarding. Mathis danced the Macarena while waterskiing before doing a face plant into the water. Next, we got the boat ready and set off for Road Town. We had lunch at a restaurant right by the marina, then walked around and shopped for about an hour and a half. Paula and I went to the grocery store to buy cookies and snacks to celebrate Max and Sophie’s birthdays, which are coming up. Then we all got back on the boat and sailed over to the Bight, where we took showers, but we all stayed in the water for about 30 minutes taking pictures and jumping off the boat. Aaron got in the dinghy to take a picture of us jumping in the water and got soaked when Max did a massive cannonball off the side of the boat. Max and Jared then cooked an amazing dinner broccoli and cheddar pasta which we ate alone because the staff had to go to a meeting at Pelican Pat. After dinner was all cleaned up, we ate all the cookies from the grocery store.