Location: The Bight, Norman

Today was a day of bitter sweet nostalgia. As the inseparable family of Mambo No. Five commenced their final tear-wrenched meal together, I was deep in thought. Flash backs of our tenuous journey exploded through my brain as if I was running through a never ending mine field of memories. Whether it be being dragged through a forest of psychotic jellyfish with sinister grins on their faces or laughing uncontrollably until someone bursts. These few weeks have been nothing but exhilarating. I know I’ll never forget swimming deep into an every shipwreck. Today we ventured into Road Town, the thriving metropolis that is the capitol of the BVI. It was a hectic departure as we raced against 3 other boats to win the golden chalice of the awe-inspiring dive side race day. We then arrived at the Bight which is where I sit at the exact moment. There is a sad yet happy aura bouncing around Mambo right now but I know that we have no regrets and no worries about leaving, we’re living as though its just another joyful day on Mambo. Tonight is the night we will prank the S.S. Boss Lady. We’ll get the revenge we need for having all our clothes zip-tied tightly against the lines. It might seem scary to play pranks at night but its ok because I fear nothing and we having nothing to fear but fear itself. And after we avenge Boss Lady we will play our celebratory victory song, the song our of our boat and the song in our hearts, Mambo No. Five. To all my shipmates and readers, remember, when the going gets tough, let the Mambo get going!