Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today the chefs had an early wake-up to begin cooking pancakes while everybody else slept in. After pulling up the anchors, we motored over to Salt Island. Once we dropped our primary anchor, we dinghied over to the island where we learned about the history of the island. It was about the RMS Rhone sinking and the inhabitants of the island taking in survivors, and because of this the Queen of England took away the taxes and they only have to send one bag of salt to her a year. This is a tradition they continue to this day. We then hiked to the peak of the island. We then returned to the boat and had lunch. Following which we had, in my opinion, the best dive of the session, the wreck of the RMS Rhone. After the dive, we came back to the boat and sang happy birthday to our skipper Gordo. We then had some cake and free time to swim. We are now heading back to Peter Island for another night in paradise.