Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started bright and early with a quick bowl of cereal, and during breakfast, Sam told us that we would be doing two fun dives! We were even more excited when we found out that one would be diving at Wreck Alley, which has four wrecks and a stingray cleaning station. Once we arrived, we set up our gear, and Sam dinghied us over to one of the other boats where we began our dive. We descended into crystal clear water right on the kissing wrecks. My dive buddies, Jack and Jordan, were able to swim with me into one of the hulls, and we were exploring until Adam and Connor swam over to us and pointed over our heads where an eagle ray was swimming. We all cheered and watched it swim in awe, and once it was out of sight, we swam towards the other wrecks where we saw and were able to touch a massive stingray. Once back aboard the boat, we pumped our tanks and enjoyed many Pringles. During this time, Jack, Max, Adam, Rodrigo, and I went snorkeling where we saw a massive barracuda. For lunch, we had chicken salad, and during the cleanup, Max, Issac, and I got back in the water and were able to see the barracuda, who we named Cuda and several other fish. Once lunch was cleaned up, we were informed that it was time for our second dive, but first, there were two missing divers off the back of Second Wind that needed to be rescued. Immediately we jumped into action. Blas and Jack snorkeled to the divers, who had been spotted by Rodrigo and Sophie, Jordan, Katherine, Chris, Jonny, Issac, and I were the divers that brought them to the surface. We then had to deal with a panicked and an unresponsive diver. Thanks to Hugh’s leadership and our boat’s great teamwork, we completed the scenario a lot better than last time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t perfect, and we did have a few critical mistakes. After we finished, we were able to go, dive, where we all stayed together and goofed off. After our dive, we headed back to GHP, where we are staying for the night. Upon arrival, Hugh, Jordan, and I went over to Tiger Pause to hang out with friends from last year. Everyone that stayed on the boat had fun showering and completing Hercules’s challenges and showering. Once we were together again, we enjoyed the breakfast-for-dinner made by Davis, Katherine, and Max. We are now going to take our rescue tests, so wish us luck!