Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

My eyes fluttered open softly as the Caribbean breeze blew between my eyelashes. I woke up to a breakfast of cereal. After breakfast, we set sail for Cooper Island, where we were going to dive Wreck Alley — the Dolphins had two fun dives, the Neptune’s had their last training dives for their Wreck Diver certifications. We descended off the mooring until we saw the Kissing Wrecks, which are two little wrecks that sank touching one another. After a chicken salad lunch, we went diving on the wrecks a second time, since there are four of them and it’s hard to see all of them in a single dive. Later we motored to GHP while refilling all of our tanks and hanging out on the bow. We took showers and had breakfast-for-dinner, then the Dolphins got ready to present their research projects to the rest of the group while the Neptunes started studying for their final exam. The presentations were great, and everyone passed their exams! Afterward, we returned to the boat, where we’re all sitting in the salon, chatting and laughing. It has been another awesome day!