Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started our morning off slow with bowls of cereal and took our time to fully wake up. After finishing the cleanup, the rescue students took some time to study for our exam that would happen later in the evening. We studied by laying . on the hardtop and quizzing each other. During this time, the Dolphins were able to chill and enjoy the sunshine. After the whole group got to do a fun dive on a wreck called the fearless, and it was so fun to be able to dive in a big group. Once our gear was away, we enjoyed lunch and motored back to GHP. In the afternoon, we had more time to study, waterski, and some of us even swam to a monohull called Blue Tide to try out their boom swing. We finished up the day with breakfast for dinner, which was a fan favorite. Tonight the Dolphins have their presentation, and we have our exam.

P.S. Hi to the Rubin and Lewis family pt.2!