Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up in a nest of hammocks. After we waved our way out, we all stared at the water, searching for a rescue scenario. We were never greeted with a rescue victim, but that only made us more paranoid. We had a nice cereal breakfast and then sailed to Blue Chromis Reef. We all had a nice relaxing dive and were able to observe many creatures. After lunch, we heard screams for help and sprung into action. We then rescued three divers and completed the hectic scenario with few mistakes. After “saving” some lives, we were able to go on another dive. Then we sailed back to GHP and spent the rest of the day studying and preparing for tonight’s activities. The rescue divers have their final exam and will be close to fully certified. The Dolphins are giving their final presentation and are going to explain their research. We hope you wish us luck!