Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was another pancake day! After breakfast, the advanced divers left for a dive. For the Vegas, we had a final waterskiing day! It was a quick one too because soon we had to sail over to Road Town. On our way over, I was on the helm for a part of our hour-long sail. Once we got to the Road Town harbor, we set our anchor and then took the dinghy to the dock. There we had a little over two hours to relax in town with friends. We walked around town for a while, then went to a restaurant and got gelato afterward. We all met up at the dock after and went back to our sailboat. Then we sailed back to Great Harbour, Peter Island, where we were earlier in the day. Once we got back, we were able to swim around and play in the water before dinner. For dinner, we had breakfast! In addition to our wonderful meal, Mike, the director, came over for dinner. I’m so excited about tomorrow when we dive the Rhone!