Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started out the morning at 7, headed out, and ate breakfast underway. We sailed to Salt Island and had a slow morning. We then took a short hike on the island to see the views. After our hike, we ate lunch and suited up for our dive. We jumped into the beautiful waters and descended to 60 ft, our max depth as open water divers. The Rhone ship has a very interesting story. The RMS Rhone was a Royal Mail carrier. It was one of the first iron-hulled ships. It was built in 1865. Hurricane season was approaching, and the captain, Robert F. Wooley, was getting worried. The first half of the storm on the sinking day passed with ease. The boat they were anchored with, the Conway, transferred their passengers to the “unsinkable” Rhone when the storm kept getting worse. The Conway was able to get away, but the Rhone was stuck in the tail end of the storm. The Rhone struggled to get their anchors up and were ordered to cut them. It still lies in Great Harbor. The ship crashed into a rock on Salt island. The ship sank swiftly, killing all of the passengers. Only 23 members of the crew survived. The people of Salt island helped the crew bury the bodies of the deceased. The Rhone has received many awards over the years for being a spectacular dive site and scene of history. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spectacular views of the dive. We saw Reef Sharks, Goliath Grouper Fish, Trumpet Fish, along with views of the sunken Rhone. After our dive, we sailed back to Great Harbor Peter for the night. We headed over to another boat in our fleet and jumped off the rope swing. After that, we enjoyed breakfast for dinner and took our yachting written test. We ended our day with a movie night. Overall, a 10/10 dive and a 10/10 day! As we near closer to the end of the session, everyone is savoring our time left with each other.

Sending love from Great Harbor, Peter!!

MacKenzie 🙂