Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was, for sure, one of our most fun days. What a great morning after waking and seeing Max and Wynne jumping into the water for a scenario, and we actually did a great job rescuing them! We had a cereal breakfast in GHP. We then sailed to Cooper Island, where the rescue diver had another scenario. After lunch, we went on a dive with Cat at Wreck Alley. It was a great dive, and we could see the Neptune divers do their wreck training. We then returned to GHP without any problems. We took a sea shower without inflatable stingray! What’s better than dinner?…. Breakfast for dinner! This consisted of eggs, tomatoes with pasta sauce on them (thanks for your cooking skills Tina)! It is also Madison’s birthday, happy birthday! We are making her a birthday cake, but keep the secret! 🙂