Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started the day at Great Harbor in Peter Island with an amazing sailing written test, which is ironic of course but all of us passed it which was an incredible thing! We are beginner sailors! After this we sailed around the corner to Salt Island and we hiked onto a small mountain which had awesome views of the sea and took some beautiful pictures. While sailing I took the helm and drove next to open ocean, which was incredible and hard also because the waves coming by were so big. After lunch we went to our last dive of this amazing trip! We dove on a British ship which sand in 1867, it was so cool. It’s incredible the life underwater in those types of places. Furthermore, it was one of our deepest dives! We went back to Great Harbor with some sailing practice on the way back. We had shower and breakfast (yes, it was breakfast for dinner). Although they say I’m a dictator as skipper I know that they like me.