Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We woke up rather late, considering it was July 4. We ate breakfast and dropped to moor at Cooper Island. We arrived and immediately set up our gear for the first dive of the day at Wreck Alley. The Neptunes began training to use a line and a reel inside of a wreck. There were four wrecks at Wreck Alley; the kissing wrecks were two wrecks next to each other, the tugboat was where everyone was practicing their wreck diving techniques, and the Beata was a turned over ship. In the course of the first dive, I saw three rays, a lionfish, a spiny lobster, and a very curious jack that swam along with us. We surfaced for lunch then returned for the second dive where the Neptunes went inside the tugboat. After surfacing from the second dive, we motored back to GHP. While underway, we studied for the exam we have tonight. We arrived at Peter Island and ate breakfast for dinner after we began to study for the exam that is coming.