Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Unfortunately, this trip is coming to an end soon, but we are still going strong on many activities. Last night we had a nice, clear, starry night with no rain, and this morning we woke up to a motor over to Salt Island. The first thing we did was take our sailing test after breakfast, and I can definitely say that I was prepared to ace the test. Afterwards we went down 75 feet to a shipwreck. I have been to many wrecks before, but this was the first time that I got to go inside the boat with a flashlight. It was the most amazing thing I have done, and I have done some pretty cool things before. It was just as thought it came straight out of a movie. The scenery was beautiful. After we went on a nice hike to the top of a grassy hill overlooking a rocky cliff into the ocean. I can honestly say the wreck was definitely the best part of the trip and a moment worth remembering.