Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning started nice and early with the sunrise. We got up and got everything ready for us to move Rossi over towards the Rhone wreck. We got over there and anchored so we could hop into Rescue to drive over to Zourite to get our dive gear ready for our last dive of the session. During the dive, of the stern section of the boat, we found the lucky porthole and a whole bunch of marine life. The lucky porthole belonged to one of the few survivors of the wreck. We saw a huge lobster, multiple trumpetfish, and trunkfish. The dive was challenging because of the strong current we had to swim against. After the dive, we took our IYT certification test! All of us passed! Then we motored over to a dock on Salt Island to see the salt ponds, which have a lot of history behind them. For the settlers of the island, in order to live there, they had to give the Queen of England one pound of salt each year. They stopped for a while and just started again this month. The view was amazing, and the island beautiful. After the walk to the top, we went back to the boat to sail back to Peter Island. But before we did that, we took the halyard off the sail and swung from the top of the bimini into the water- it was so much fun! Then we motor-sailed back with our jib out. After we got back to the harbor, we ate dinner. We had breakfast for dinner, and then tonight we are going to watch a movie and then hit the hay. Today was one of the days we have had the most fun together as a boat.