Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After awaking from a peaceful overnight rest in hammocks, cabins, and assorted places, the crew of E. Sage devoured pancakes that fueled the watersport activities of the early morning. Following a delightful morning of shredding the ocean, we maneuvered this amazing vessel to capture 20 knots of wind and take us to Road Town, the capital of Tortola. With a few hours on shore, many of us shipmates enjoyed gelato along with burgers in paradise. With the relaxing section of the day over, we sailed back to the same place we slept last night and ate a dinner compiled of breakfast ingredients. All the shipmates then sang Christmas carols during the cleanup process. As the music winds down and cleanup finishes, we prepare for our IYT (International Yacht Training) theory tests. Many of us will struggle to relax because the exciting thought of diving the RMS Rhone dwells in the back of our minds.