Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was our fearless leader Jack’s birthday! We celebrated the occasion with pancakes for breakfast and a waterskiing session with Big Blue (the most powerful dinghy with ActionQuest). As far as the pancakes go, they were delicious, and Izzie made Jack a special surprise of his name in the cakes. He was very excited. Also, Sarah finished her confined water dives! We were all so excited when she came back in the dinghy with Tucker and Tor with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen on her face! We shared a moment of excitement with her before setting off to Road Town. While we called all of you at home, our lovely Spindrift was getting a little cosmetic surgery of a new mainsail. When our boat was ready to go, we headed back to Peter Island for the night. On our way back we decked out Jack in blue “birthday boy” face paint and debated Sarah Febreezing, a camel while trying to touch the channel marks. After dinner, we look forward to a boat party with the Tanis kids! All in all, today was a fantastic day, and we look forward to the next few before we leave.