Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a fun day! Our day first started off with a late wake up (8:00-8:30ish), then we ate some delicious pancakes with Nutella or honey. We then put our bathing suits to go boom swinging, it was really fun! Some of us just used it a couple times while others accomplished new things such as a backflip or if you are awesome enough like Matthew, a double backflip. Then we sailed/motored to Road Town for about 45 minutes. On our way we saw a huge yacht anchoring where we slept last night and tonight. While we were at Road Town we had lunch there and also walked around. Then we sailed/ motored back to Great Harbor, Peter Island. On our way back we sang and danced a lot. When we got to Great Harbor, we sang and screamed with the kids from the big yacht next to us. Finally we ocean showered and had breakfast for dinner. We are really excited for our dive tomorrow were we will see a wrecked boat.