Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we were able to sleep in a little more than usual. We then proceeded to eat some pancakes that were cooked by our crewmates. While cleaning up, I was given the honor of feeding our many leftovers to the fish and Jeffery. It only took 18 days, but finally, one brave Jeffery had the courage to gracefully swoop down and take a token of appreciation (the biggest piece of pancake) and happily/aggressively feast on it. It was the most magical and wondrous experience for me, and hopefully, everyone else. Afterward, we motored over and rafted with Tropical Oasis for a while and swim around the boats together! After de-rafting we made our way over to Road Town where we had some shore time!

We have now anchored, and everybody is showering. Our chefs are cooking breakfast for dinner. Somewhere along the trip, we were told a quote among the lines of while on our journey through life it’s not the objects or things we obtain but the people we meet along the way that truly matters. When I think about it, that’s totally not how it goes, but it will have to do. I realize how near the end o this adventure is coming to, and wanted to take a moment to talk about our crew. I have been absolutely blessed to be surrounded by 13 beautiful, unique, and wonderful people. The fact that fate somehow brought us all together is incredible, though the chances of any of us seeing each other again like this are slim. We have all had so many adventures and experiences together. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Although we will all be moving on to another separate adventure of our own after this that will hold different opportunities and new memories, it’s nice to know we all shared this one together. If I had room to say more, I would, but this is all I can fit haha. Sending love fro all the crew and Jeffery, see you all soon.