Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up and ate a full breakfast of cereal during our motor over to Salt Island, the location of the Rhone memorial and its final resting place. Once we anchored, the advanced sailors from Curls came over and we all took the sailing test. Once that had been completed, we hopped in Bolt for our trip over to the dive boat to start setting up our gear for the long awaited dive of the RMS RHONE!! The Vega student’s dove off the port side; Carinas off the starboard. The dive was incredible despite certain issues. After the dive, we all surfaced safe and sound, hopped into Bolt and raced back to Erocibar for a lunch of ramen and lemon muffins. After the meal, seeing that none of unflavored noodles had been eaten, Sebastian took it up to himself to down as much as he could stomach, right before our trek across Salt Island. The hike was incredible, great views of the seemingly endless ocean completed by a little bit of beach time. The day ended motoring back to the previous day’s bay for the night.