Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island, BVI

We started off the day with a breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. When we finished cleaning up after breakfast, we had a choice to go water skiing and wakeboarding or stay on the boat. Aaron and the girls chose to go wake-boarding while the rest of us stayed on the boat and played cards. When they got back, we picked up the anchor and sailed to Salt Island. Just off the coast of Salt Island, there is a shipwreck of a 300-foot boat called the Rhone. The divers went down to see it up close while the non-divers stayed on the surface and snorkeled above it. When the divers got back to the boat, we all got into the dinghy and went to the island to hike the hill on it. It’s called Salt Island because there is a lake on it that had solid salt around the edge of it that looks like ice. At the top of the hill, there was a good view of the ocean and all of the nearby islands. We took some pictures then headed back to the boat. When we got back, we pulled up the anchor again and headed back to Great Harbour Peter to anchor for the night. When we got there, we all showered, and the chefs went down below to start making dinner. Some of us stayed in the water and had fun swimming and trying to do backflips off the dinghy. When dinner was ready, we all dried off and sat down for a dinner of chili and rice. We are all starting to feel sad, knowing there are only two days left.