Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had a late wake-up at 7:20 am. The extra sleep was much enjoyed. At 8:30, we departed GHP for Wreck Alley – a ravine filled with four wrecks. Here we did our first dive. During this dive, we explored possible penetration points and practiced setting up reels so that we would not get lost inside of the wreck. After we surfaced, we pumped tanks and hung out while we soaked in the sun. When the tanks were finally pumped, we jumped into the water for our second dive of the day. On this dive, we penetrated the wreck and went into the living area and engine room of the boat. After the dive, we had a nice sail back to GHP, where everyone caught up on sleep. Upon arriving, Ben took us skiing behind Sumo. Adam and I had a slalom skiing competition. We just finished up having dinner, and we are getting showered and studying for our final test.