Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was full of excitement and success! The day started off with the first race of the day from Sandy Spit to Steele Point. We didn’t do very well on our first race, but we made up for it later! When we arrived at West End, we had shore time, which consisted of some yummy pizza and calls home. It was crazy being at the port where our trip started, and crazy to think it is already day 17! Where did the time go? After fun shore time we began our second race of the day, from West End to Peter Island. We started off at the number one spot on the lineup of boats. Throughout most of the race we were in the first place, but then C. Storm passed us and took the lead. For the last 15 minutes of the race, we were neck and neck with C. Storm! The entire boat was screaming with excitement when we did our final tack, beating C. Storm across the finish line! Everyone began to cheer, and we even got an applause from the shipmates on C. Storm. We are all still impressed with each other, and our accomplishment of coming in first! I am sure we can all agree that this was one of the best days here!