Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very victorious one for the SqueakyBrats. It was quite an abrupt start for Quin, Josie, Rachel, and I who slept out on the deck last night. We were woken up by a pretty crazy tropical storm. We decided to go with the early wake-up and ate the wonderful pancakes our chefs made (which of course, we all drenched in Nutella). After breakfast, Kris and I attended a skippers briefing for the two races that we had today. First, we raced from Sandy Spit to West End, then from West End to Great Harbor. Fritz was on the helm for the first race and helped us achieve 4th place. We got some shore time in West End and then got right to start our second race of the day. We were pushed back from an early lead by Elowyn Sage and Gemini. However, we slowly pulled ahead, thanks to our awesome crew. With Ben on the helm, Annie, Corinna, and Alex W. on the sheets and Maddie, Alex H. and everyone else on railmeat (the most important job), we ended up winning!! We anchored in GHP for the night and enjoyed a Mexican themed dinner. It was awesome to reminisce with the boat about fun times throughout the trip. It was filled with a lot of laughs, especially from Britt, Annie, Kris, and Josie, who had a food fight involving re-fried beans. Tonight the Divemasters are looking forward to a night dive on The Fearless wreck, and the Carina’s are having a sail chat with Kris. Today was yet another beautiful day in paradise, and I am looking forward to enjoying the last few we have left.