Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

A fairly conservative 7 am wake-up was accompanied by a cereal breakfast and a skipper’s meeting, which briefed the first of the day’s main events- a race from Sandy Spit to West End. Drawing a respectable 4th starting position, trusty Zourite cruised to an easy victory. The sight of West End brought about a series of bittersweet emotions, as the session has almost come full circle. The time ashore, albeit fairly brief, was very enjoyable due to the first reliable source of WiFi that we’ve had in a while. At the end of the shore time, we were given the details of the afternoon’s activities- another race, this time from West End to Great Harbor on Peter Island. This race, however, was much more of a nail bitter. The leading ship shot out to a lead of many boat lengths, but we slowly gained back the lost ground. In the final ten minutes of the race, we overtook them to claim our second victory of the day. The night was punctuated by the true feast of champions- a mountain of Mexican food.