Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up early and immediately went underway. We had a quick sail up to West End, where we all met 17 days ago. It was sad to realize how few days we have left together, especially given that today is our last day with MK and Natalie. We were given some shore time to shop around and re-stock on groceries; it would seem we never can truly have enough Oreos or Milanos onboard. To say we were all excited for Pussers wings would be an understatement, so you can only imagine how crushed we were to find out their kitchen would not open in time for us to order before we had to return to the dock. Luckily our sail up the Drake quickly raised our spirits. The wind was extremely strong, and the waves were super rough. Before long, we had all piled onto the trampoline and were being tossed around and thoroughly soaked by the giant waves that crashed over the bow, all while the crew laughed at us from the power tower. When we arrived at GHP, we set up our dive gear, and all went on a fun dive. Chris and Ethan were lucky enough to see a shark. After our chefs got started preparing Mexican night, a boat favorite. The meal was delicious, and after cleanup, we all gathered to start writing our cards to each other early because of Natalie and MK’s early departure. We are going to miss you two so much!